This segment of the website is to provide a list of research papers that reference my work and other information regarding places where my work has had some impact.

My books and articles have been referenced by numerous computer scientists, including several Ph.D. dissertations.  A few of those references are included here. You can find my papers at or you can find my work on Google Scholar

Dissertations and Thesis citing my work

1. An assessment of user response to phishing attacks: the effects of fear and self-confidence by Deanna House, Ph.D. Dissertation in Information Systems, University of Texas Arlington.
2. Assessment of Users' Information Security Behavior in Smartphone Networks- Ph. D dissertation of Mohammadjafar Esmaeili Eastern Michigan University.
3. A cryptographically-based operating system security model that protects against privileged attackers. By Christian Pain Ph.D. Dissertation Murdoch University School of Information Technology
4. Assessing and Mitigating Information Security Risk in Saudi Arabia. Ph.D. dissertation of Abdulaziz Saad Alarifi. University of Wollongong
5. Reference Model Based High Fidelity Simulation Modeling for Manufacturing Systems by Hansoo Kim Ph.D. Dissertation, School of Industrial and Systems Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology.
6. Leadership Styles and Information Security in Small Businesses: An Empirical Investigation by Debasis Bhattachary, Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Phoenix.
7. The adoption of business-to-business systems by small and medium enterprises in Amman and the perceptions of its influence on performance and efficiency by Anals A. AlBakry, Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Southern Queensland.
8. Models, Services and Security in Modern Online Social Networks, Ph.D. dissertation of Alessio Bonti Deakin University, Australia.
9. Design of a Forensic Overlay Model for Application Development Linlin Ke, Master’s Thesis, College of Engineering, University of Canterbury.
10. Forensic Analysis of Linux Physical Memory: Extraction and Resumption of Running Processes. ED Mougoue, Master’s Thesis, James Madison University.
11. Motivations behind Software Piracy: From the viewpoint of Computer Ethics Theories. Bethelhem Tadele, Master’s Thesis University of Oulu (Scandinavia).
12. Securing CAN Bus Communication: An Analysis of Cryptographic Approaches by Jennifer Ann Bruton. Master’s Thesis National University of Ireland, Galway.
13. Guidelines for the Adaptation of the TETRA Educational Programme at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University to Address Human Behavioural Issues. Master’s thesis of Nico Pieter Fouché.
14. A DDoS Security Control Framework. Post graduate thesis of Lars Drost.

Papers citing my work

1. Hackers, spies, and stolen secrets: protecting law firms from data theft by Alan W. Ezekiel. Harvard Journal of Law & Technology Volume 26, Number 2 Spring 2013Taming the diversity of information assurance & security - Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges Volume 23, Issue 4 (April 2008) J. Paul Myers, Sandra Riela.
2. Adding information assurance to the curriculum - Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges Volume 22, Issue 2 (December 2006) Richard Weiss.
3. Effect of Windows XP Firewall on Network Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology Volume 4, 2007 Al-Rawi (King Faisal University Saudi Arabia) ,Lansari (Zayed University UAE).
4. Assessing Risks of Policies to Patch Software Vulnerabilities Radianti, Sveen, and Gonzalez.
5. A study of efficient avoidance in the event of DNS (domain name system) failure - Proceedings of the 8thConference on 8th WSEAS International Conference on Automation and Information - Volume 8 Lin, Hwang, Lin.
6. Embracing the Diversity of Information Assurance & Security - Myers
7. A study of efficient avoidance in the event of DNS (domain name system) failure -Yang, Hyon, and Hankyu.
8. Social and Organizational Aspects of Information Security Management -K. Michael.
9. The Problems and Policy Alternatives for Cyber Security in the Networking Age by Lee Ki Shik.
10. Securing Small Business: - The Role of Information Technology Policy. Batten and Castleman.
11. The Impact of Virtual Private Network (VPN) on a Company's Network. Powell, J.M.
12. Thinking Globally: Incorporating an International Component in Information Security Curricula. Kiswani and Al-Bakari.
13. Security, ethics and electronic commerce systems: cybercrime and the need for information sharing security White and Long.
14. The Expanded Risk Horizon of Accounting Networks Utilizing Wireless Technology - David R. Fordham -AIS Educator Journal Volume: 4 Issue: 1 2009.
15. Researches on the IPv6 Network safeguard linked system - Ma Yue, Lian Hong, and Zhang Xiao Feng- Computer Science and Information Technology (ICCSIT), 2010 3rd IEEE International Conference 2010.
16. Migration from Microsoft to Linux on Servers and Desktops. –Kumar.
17. Decision making process in migration from Microsoft to Linux –Kumar.
18. Automatic Generation of Intelligent JavaScript Programs for Handling Input Forms in HTML Documents Suzuki and Tokuda Dept. of Comp. Science, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.
19. Influence of copyrights over the relationships in elearning Ivan Pogarcic, Marko Pogarcic, Matej Pogarcic Polytechnic of Rijeka, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana.
20. Using Whois Based Geolocation and Google Maps API for support cybercrime investigations, Asmir Butkovic et. al.
21. Odyssey of Data Security with A New Perception. Ankita & Lavisha
22. Cyber Law: Approach to Prevent Cyber Crime. M Verma, SA Hussain, SS Kushwah.
23. The Internet-EDI Systems Adoption by Enterprises in Jordan: Descriptive Analysis of Adoption, Strategies and Benefits by Anas Al Bakri International Journal of Internet and Distributed Systems.
24. Encryption Protocol using some Pieces of Message as Key by S. Prakancharoen - International Journal of Applied Computer Technology.
25. A Patient Privacy Protection Scheme for Medical Information System by by Lu, Wu, Liu, Chen, and Guo. Journal of Medical Systems October 2013.
26. A study of information security awareness and practices in Saudi Arabia by Alarifi, A.; SISAT, Univ. of Wollongong, Wollongong, NSW, Australia. doi: 10.1109/ICCITechnol.2012.6285845.
27. Secure login by using One-time Password authentication based on MD5 Hash encrypted SMS by Sediyono, E.; Satya Wacana Christian Univ., Salatiga, Indonesia; Santoso, K.I.; Suhartono. doi: 10.1109/ICACCI.2013.6637420.
28. Design and Implementation of a Virtual Calculation Centre (VCC) for Engineering Students, by Alaeddine. Published in International Journal of Online Engineering. 2010, Vol. 6 Issue 1, p18-23.
29. Artificial Intelligence Tool and Electronic Systems Used to Develop Optical Applications, By Tecpoyotl-Torres et. al. Chapter 10 in the book Advances in Lasers and Electro Optics.
30. The entry on ‘computer crime and security’ in the Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology cites my Computer Security Fundamentals textbook.
31. University of British Columbia Law Review "In Plain View R V Jones and the Challenge of Protecting Privacy in an era of computer search"
32. "Researches on the IPv6 Network safeguard linked system" Computer Science and Information Technology (ICCSIT), 2010 3rd IEEE International Conference on (Volume:7).
33. The Criminalization of Identity Theft under the Saudi Anti-Cybercrime Law 2007 Journal of International Commercial Law and Technology vol 9, no2 by Suhail Almerdas.
34. An Optimized and Secured VPN with Web Service Networking and Communication Engineering vol 6, No2; by A. Balasubramanian, A. Hemanth Kumar, R. Prasanna Venkatesan.
35. Factors Affecting the Implementation of Management Information System In Selected Financial Cooperatives In Nairobi. Published in the International Journal of Social Sciences and Project Planning Management, Vol 1, Issue 2, 2014.
36. A New Classification Scheme for Intrusion Detection Systems by Bilal Beigh published in the International Journal of Computer Network and Information Security vol 6, No. 8, July 2014.
37. Santoso, E. (2014, June). The Role of Biometrics Technology to Support E-Governance in Public And Business Administration. International Scientific Conference “e-governance”
38. Mughal, S. (2014) Counter Measures to Mitigate Cyberstalking Risks: A Value Focused Multiple Criteria Approach.
39. Dragan, A. (2014). Hacking and Computer Crimes Computer Fraud - A Comparative Look at the New Criminal Code and the Criminal Code of the Republic of Moldova. AGORA International Journal of Juridical Sciences No. 1, pp 29-34.
40. Ramakic, A. Bundalao, Z. (2014). Data Protection in Microcomputer Systems and Networks. Acta Tehnica Corviniensis – Bulletin of Engineering (University of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
41. "Preventing Document Leakage through Active Document" by Aaber, Crowder, Fadhel, and Wills. World Congress on Internet Security (WorldCIS-2014).
42. Public Perception vs. the Reality of Bluetooth Security. Janczewski & Wong, International Conference on Information Resources Management (2010).
43. Security, ethics and electronic commerce systems: cybercrime and the need for information sharing security. Kisswani1 & Al-Bakro. International Journal of Liability and Scientific Enquiry. DOI 10.1504/IJLSE.2010.033357.
44. An Overview of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Jordan: Review the Literature of Usage, Benefits and Barriers. Al Bakri. International Journal of Internet and Distributed Systems. Vol.1 No.2(2013), Article ID:31349, DOI:10.4236/ijids.2013.12002.
45. Not So Funny Funny-Money: The Threat of North Korean Counterfeiting of U.S. Currency. Corbett. Stevenson University Forensics Journal. Vol 4 2013.
46. Pendekatan Model Ontologi Untuk Merepresentasikan Body of Knowledge Digital Chain of Custody by Prayudi, Luthi, Pratama. Jurnal Cybermaticka. Vol2, No 2 (2014)
47. Digital Chain of Custody: State of the Art. By Prayudi and Sn. International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887). Volume 114 – No. 5, March 2015.
48. Prayudi, Y., Ashari, A., & Priyambodo, T. K. (2014). Digital Evidence Cabinets: A Proposed Frameworks for Handling Digital Chain of Custody. Int. J. Comput. Appl, 109(9), 30-36.
49. Issac, R. M. (2011, March). Application of Cybernetics in Cyber Criminology. In Proceedings of the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Cyber Criminology (NSCC~ 2011) at BPC College, Piravom, Kerala, India on (pp. 101-110).
50. Aaber, Z. S., Crowder, R. M., Chang, V., Fadhel, N. F., & Wills, G. B. (2014, December). Towards a Framework for Securing a Document outside an Organisational Firewall. In Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom), 2014 IEEE 6th International Conference on (pp. 1057-1062). IEEE.
51. Miškovic, V., Milosavljević, M., Adamović, S., & Jevremović, A. Application of Hybrid Incremental Machine Learning Methods to Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection. methods, 5, 6.
52. Graham, C. (2013). Terrorism. com: Classifying Online Islamic Radicalism as a Cybercrime. Journal Article| October, 21(8), 10am.
53. Odion, I. (2015). Data Security in The Cloud Using Serpent Encryption and Distributed Steganography. European Scientific Journal June 2015 edition vol.11, No.18 ISSN: 1857 – 7881 (Print) e - ISSN 1857- 7431.
54. Abdulaziz, A. (2015). Information Assurance Practices in Saudi Arabian Organizations. HCI International 2015, vol 529. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-21383-5_106.
55. MITTAL, P., & SINGH, A. A Study of Cyber Crimes & Cyber Laws In India. 56. What Common Law and Common Sense Teach Us About Corporate Cybersecurity. Stephanie Balitzer. University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform. Vol 49 (4), 2016.
57. Using 3-D Virtual Worlds as a Platform for an Experiential Case Study in Information Systems Auditing. By Moscato, Donald R.; Boekman, Diana M. E. Communications of the IIMA Vol. 10, No. 1.
58. Information Security Awareness in Saudi Arabia. Arifi, A., Tootell, H., Hyland, P. CONF-IRM 2012 Proceedings.
59. An Overview of Cloud Systems and Supply Chains in Jordan. Al-Bakri, A. Cloud Systems in Supply Chains. pp 195-213.
60. Dumpster Diving: A Study On Data Recovery and Exploitation. Weaver, R., Cazier, J. Conference: Southeast Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, At Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

    Universities using my books

    A number of colleges and universities around the world have used, or are using one or more of my books as textbooks.  Below is an exemplary sample of some of those universities.

    1. Auburn University
    2. University of Texas at Dallas
    3. University of Dallas
    4. University of Oklahoma
    5. Arizona Western College
    6. Kent State University Ohio
    7. California State University, Los Angeles
    8. Pennsylvania State University
    9. University of Nebraska
    10. University of North Dakota
    11. Illinois State University
    12. University of Southern California
    13. Western Illinois University
    14. University of South Carolina
    15. University of Wyoming
    16. Florida State University
    17. East Tennessee State University
    18. The Citadel
    19. University of The Incarnate Word
    20. Midwestern State University
    21. University of S Carolina-Lancaster
    22. Southeast Missouri State University
    23. George Mason University
    24. Queen’s College New York
    25. American Military University
    26. Columbus State University
    27. Texas Christian University
    28. Liberty University
    29. Illinois Institute of Technology
    30. Rochester Institute of Technology
    31. California State Los Angeles
    32. Wentworth Institute of Technology
    33. Western Nevada College
    34. Eastern Florida State College
    35. Florida State College
    36. University of Southern Florida Sarasota
    37. College of So Nevada-Cheyenne
    38. College of S Nevada-W Charleston
    39. Colorado Mesa University
    40. Temple University
    41. Calumet College – University of St. Joseph
    42. University of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
    43. Kurukshetra University (India)
    44. Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Malaysia)
    45. Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan
    46. Trinity College of Puerto Rico
    47. Technological Institute of the Philippines
    48. Nigeria University
    49. SRM University Chennai India
    50. Louisiana Technical University
    51. Brookdale Community College
    52. Hagerstown Community College
    53. Wake Technical Community College
    54. Nashville State Community College
    55. Delmar College
    56. Southwestern Community College
    57. Charter Oak State College
    58. Triton College
    59. Hartford Community College



    In addition some of my books have been translated into additional languages including German, Arabic, Korean, and Mandarin.



    Media References

    My computer science expertise has been sought out by reporters including:
    • CNN Money interviewed me regarding alleged unbreakable cryptography
    • CBS SmartPlanet interviewed me regarding NSA and cryptography
    • E-Books directory lists my “Moving from Windows to Linux” book as one of the top 10 Linux books
    • Lawrence Journal World interviewed me for a hacking story that was published August 6, 2006. The article was entitled "Hackers infiltrate Web site".